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Advanced Leak Detection Solution for Flat Roofs

  • Discover the MTA Roof Scan®, an innovative solution designed for precise detection of roof leaks on diverse flat roof surfaces. Say goodbye to destructive testing methods as our cutting-edge technology enables accurate identification of water leaks without disrupting the roof surface.
  • Access real-time test data conveniently through our integrated software, providing immediate insights into your roof’s condition and potential water leakages. Seamlessly export test reports as PDF files for streamlined internal record-keeping.
  • Experience precise measurements with our compact electronic module and user-friendly software, facilitating quick evaluation and effortless exportation of test results in PDF format via the integrated software. Identify and address roof leaks efficiently with our advanced technology.

Versatile Across Various Roof Types

  • Our MTA Roof Scan® simplifies the detection of roof leaks with easy maneuverability over your roof surface. Using material electrical conductivity principles, this technology efficiently detects water leaks without hassle. 
  • Benefit from our innovative electromagnetic leakage measurement system, suitable for all common flat roof types. From cold and warm roofs to inverted, green, drive-on, and gravel-covered roofs, our advanced technology ensures precise detection of water leaks across a variety of roof structures.