CIPP Pipe Lining cost parameters in Cyprus

Trenchless pipe repair with the CIPP Pipe Lining method in Cyprus-Costing parameters​

If you are reading this article at the moment, it is because you are probably having water leak problems with the pipes of your property and you are not willing to “demolish” it solve the problem. Knowing the cost for repairing the drain or rainwater pipes(creating a new pipe inside an existing one) allows you to weigh your options and act accordingly, always based on the cost of repair.

Pipe Lining in Cyprus

The Lining rehabilitation repair system therefore works as follows:

nitially, depending on the length of the pipe to be repaired, a piece of absorbent cloth is cut a little longer, in length, from the pipe to be repaired, also known as the “liner “,which has a cylindrical shape and also has a special plastic coating on one of its two sides, the other felt side of the liner  absorbs the epoxy material that is impregnated with the help of a specialized ‘wet out’ machine.

Finally, after thorough camera CCTV inspection, it is inserted to the interior of the pipe to be repaired.

The total cost of a pipe to be repaired with the liner technique and its calculation:

As mentioned above, there are many parameters that determine and affect the total cost of repairing a pipe with the CIPP lining technique, but let’s look at them one by one and explain them.

-First of all, the type and condition of the pipe is evaluated – and this is a very important parameter for determining the cost -. When we say the type of pipe we mean the material from which it is made. Also the surface preparation of the interior of the pipe needs to be thoroughly assessed. I.e an old cast iron pipe with decades old deposits on the circumference of the pipe is going to be much more labour intensive (hence expensive) that an newer PVC pipe.

-Then the actual distance to be covered is counted. The lining inside of the pipe can be from one to hundreds of meters long.

-Also, a very important parameter is the path of the pipe, which is determined by the components that are placed between the straight pipes (diameter change connectors, angles, tee joints, etc.), and this is because it increases the working time but also the type of different materials that will be used for the internal lining of the pipe-pipeline.

-Another parameter is the entry-exit points inside the pipe. Sometimes it is not possible to access the end of the liner and hence have only one entry point to the pipe.

-Following is the lateral reinstatements that might be needed. The ‘re-opening’ of the branches in the pipe network. To be able to achieve this, a milling robot is required that adds significant additional cost.

pipe lining cyprus

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